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Feb 4, 2019

Friendly neighborhood sex knight and GM for The Fifth Watch @thejoehadfield joins Jake and Matt to lend a British perspective to The Spy Who Loved Me. Join them for 20 minutes of talk about James Bond and 2 hours and 40 minutes of talk about Jaws, the very best henchman ever. 

Hosted by two veteran entertainment comedy podcasters, SPECTRE, the Special Podcast Exclusively for Comedy, Talking, Revenge, and Extortion, takes a deep dive into the world of James Bond, watching and dissecting every one of the Eon films for your ears only.

SPECTRE is brought to you by the following talented folks:

Your Podcast Henchmen: Jake Mason and Matt Jay
Your Faithful Producer: Producer Mark

Special thanks to Mark Scetch Lee for the excellent theme music.

Obviously, this podcast is not affiliated with Eon Productions. James Bond copyrights are held by ... well, an assortment of people and entities, none of whom are Retrograde Orbit Radio. We don't claim him, we just talk about him!